Bonanza Starter Relay

Starter Solenoid or (Relay)


The Beech parts manual Model 35 thru G35 lists two starter relay part numbers. They can be found on page 236. Illustration is Figure 128 (page 1 of 1) or page 234. The item number is #31. 


From Beech Parts Manual Model 35 thru G35













128 31 1464 Relay, Starter........................ 1


128 31 1453 Relay, Starter........................ 1



The 35 thru G35 TCDS doesn't list information regarding the starter relay/solenoid. The H35 thru V35B TCDS lists these approved starter solenoid/relays Delco 1114213 or 1464. The 1464 is listed in the table above. In any regard, these numbers are no longer available through the Raytheon/Beech RAPID parts listing. These in fact are not exclusive Beech part numbers either. They are part numbers that the manufacturer designated and are a non Beech manufactured part. These old manufacturer parts numbers are able to cross - reference into other part numbers and are available new by various manufactures today. They are 6V and for a specific reason. This should not be confused with the 12V system of the airplane. The reason the Battery relay is 6V rated is because during the starting cycle, the starter draws down the voltage of the electric system and in order to maintain contact, the starter relay needs to be able to perform in the lower voltage cycle during the starting operation. The 6V rating allows continued operation at the lower voltage ranges. So, unless the starter button is pressed, the 12V's doesn't travel through the starter relay. The "Master Relay" is a 12V relay however, so don't get them confused.


Troubleshooting: Just make sure that no previous owner/mechanic has replaced your starter relay with a 12V unit. They will not properly work. They will allow intermittent and sporadic operation. If your starter is dropping off-line during a start cycle, this is a symptom of the starter relay being a 12V unit.


Beech SHOP Manual, has a suggested parts replacement schedule that lists the starter solenoid/relay be replaced ever 800 hours.


Pricing: Expect to pay around $20 plus shipping for these.



The Delco 1114213 or 1464 cross to these  part #'s


7-1024    or    7-1037

The 7-1024 has a phenolic coated casing
 the 7-1037 is all metal casing.

Solenoid Buyers Guide  

Cole Hersee:

24039    or   24041

24039 curved mounting bracket
24041  flat mounting bracket