AeroShell Guide




MIL-G-3545    -    Aircraft High temperature grease

    AeroShell No. 5 grease - Lubrication High Temperature. Used as a wheel bearing grease.

AeroShell® Grease 5 
AEROSHELL Grease 5 is the proper choice (where specified)
for wheel bearings and engine accessories operating at high
speeds and relatively high temperatures.

MIL-G-7711      -    Aircraft General Purpose Extreme Pressure Grease

    AeroShell No. 6 General purpose airframe grease

AeroShell® Grease 6 
AEROSHELL Grease 6 is a general purpose airframe grease for
use in plain and antifriction bearings and gearboxes (where
specified). It provides excellent water resistance and has low
noise capabilities.

MIL-G-23827    -    

    AeroShell No. 7

In extremely cold climates use MIL-G-23827 grease in place of MIL-G-81322

AeroShell® Grease 7 
AeroShell Grease 7 is a low temperature multipurpose aviation
grease recommended for instruments and general airframe
lubrication of turbine powered aircraft as well as highly loaded
gears and actuator screw mechanisms.


    Mobile #27

        Temp Range -65/+325        Carbon,   Non Soap, Tan



MIL-G-81322    -    Grease, Aircraft Wide Temperature Range

Harmful to paint

AeroShell® Grease 22 
AeroShell Grease 22 is versatile multipurpose grease
recommended for aircraft wheel bearings, engine accessories
and airframe lubrication, and for general anti-friction bearings
operating at high speeds and at high or low temperatures.


Caution , Do not mix AeroShell No 5 with MIL-G-81322. Thoroughly clean grease from the bearings and bearing area before changing grease.

MIL-L-5020A    -    Aircraft Compass Fluid

MIL-H-5606    -    Aircraft Hydraulic fluid (Red) brake fluid

AeroShell® Fluid 4    - Aircraft Hydraulic fluid

AeroShell® Fluid #4 
AeroShell Fluid 4 is a mineral based hydraulic oil with excellent
low temperature characteristics that is capable of operating over
a wide range of temperatures. AeroShell Fluid 4 is oxidation
inhibited, and it contains a special anti-wear additive. It is dyed
red for easy identification and leak detection purposes. It meets
the now obsolete military specification MIL-H-5606A.

Texaco 5606 G Hydraulic Fluid

Aircraft Hydraulic Oil 5606 G
Aircraft Hydraulic Oil with Premium Grade Anti-wear, Superior Low Temperature Properties, meets
MIL-L 5606G, for cold climate and/or high cleanliness hydraulic applications.

Used for the landing gear actuator or gear transmission

Mobile Compound GG is now Mobile 636 Heavy duty gear lubricant or Mobilegear 636.   This has been confirmed with Beechcraft Tech support. Beech Tech support also notes that as long at it meets Mil spec  MIL-G-2105 Grade 75, or MIL-PRF-2105 Grade 75 it is acceptable to use in the landing gear transmission. A source for small quantities of Mobile 636 is    800-200-3141

In recent years, the brand new Bonanza is leave the factory with a Synthetic gear lube installed.


Mobile 28 synthetic  - pdf
Supersedes  MIL-G-7711A, MIL-G-3545B, and MIL-G-25760A