Thompson TF1900 Fuel Pump Service and Parts Sources

Pin Replacement Kit Part # 216835

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Aircraft Systems

5187 Falcon Road

Rockford, IL 61109

Ph 815-399-0225 

1-3-2002 Has limited supply of pin kits available, in stock

Aircraft Accessories of Oklahoma


FAA approved repair station No. RV3R829L
2740 N. Sheridan, Tulsa, Ok 74115
E-mail: airacc@aircraftaccessoriesofok.com

Ask for David, they currently (Dec. 19, 2001) still have the individual parts for the Thompson fuel pumps look at the photo at the top of the page and tell David you need those parts, pin, star lock washers, C-ring, gasket.

Aircraft Fuel Specialists, LTD.

18715 Northridge Dr.

Hagerstown, MD 21742

FAA Repair Station Number - AQ2R699K

Contact:  Ms.TerriLee Bell, 301-797-8106  e-mail  msterrileebell@aol.com


 Currently out of stock on the Thompson pin kits as of Sept. 27, 2010



AGO Technology 

Contact Paul Harty 216-692-6380

Is in the process of getting PMA approval for Thompson products.

Dec 19,2001 - Dave B. 

Accessory Connection

4903 Diggins Trail

P.O. Box 886

Somerset, Ca. 95684

(530) 662-1650

FAA  Repair Station #OOAR469L 

I haven't verified supply of drive pin availability with this company. 

Accessory repairs all types


Contact "Jonathan Powers"