Spin On Oil Filter STC kits  for E-series TCM emgines

Latest word is that Lew doesn't make or carry "new" oil filter adapters anymore.    Date:4-22-03

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Note From Lew Gage January 2005

  I noticed on your site you posted that I no longer manufacture the oil filter kits for the E Continental engine, which is true.

However I do offer a service for those finding one of these adapters as a salvaged part. If one does find one of these the price should not be over $100, since the salvage yard is not supplying anything except the adapter body.

There is a hardware package consisting of studs made to my specifications ( long 1/4 x 20 thread and heat treated to 150-165,000 PSI) which assure proper attachment of the adapter to the engine. A gauge to confirm proper sealing of the adapter to the oil check valve, paperwork package containing the installation instructions and drawings and the STC and letter authorizing the use of the STC and the necessary seals, gaskets and a CH-48109 filter.

If the adapter is in reasonably good condition (some look like they were removed with a hammer and chisel) the charge for the above including shipping is $440. If shipped to a Nevada address there would be 7-3/4%  sales tax ($7) on the new parts in the kit.

Also, if I could get 25 orders with $300 deposit each I would produce a batch of new kits. Total cost for a new kit would be $515 including shipping to any USA destination.

Lew Gage


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STC for Bonanza and Navion Airplanes

Uses Champion spin on CH48109 filters.