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Painting Magnesium


Aero Design Concepts
New England's Oldest and Most Respected One Stop Shop! 

Aircraft Paint
The Do-It-Yourself Aircraft Painting Resource!

Aviation Fabricators


B/E Aerospace

Dial Eastern States Aircraft Painting Inc.


Flight Design

Goodner Aircraft Painting, Inc.
Goodner Aircraft Painting, Inc. has been providing continuous quality service for private, corporate, and commuter aircraft for over 30 years.

Goodner-Crider Aircraft Painting Inc.
Aircraft painting and restoration on all makes and models of aircraft. Licensed pilot and mechanic on duty at all times. Interior shop on airfiled. Free Quotes.
Owner: Rodger Crider
Consultant: Junior Goodner

Murmer Aircraft Services
Don’t just paint your aircraft…Give it the Murmer Treatment. A proven 21-step refinishing process that will ensure lasting beauty and value for your aircraft. For over 30 years, Murmer Aircraft has combined science and craftsmanship to create beautiful, enduring, high-quality exterior finishes. Our experience includes a wide variety of personal and business aircraft from high performance singles to corporate turboprops and jets. To learn more call us toll free at 800.832.0177 or visit us on the web at

Scheme Designers
Craig Barnett, founder of Scheme Designers, provides custom design services to aircraft manufacturers, owners, operators and airlines. Craig views each aircraft as his canvas and each client's needs as his inspiration - enabling him to create an individual work of art for each customer. A pilot for 20 years, his love of aviation is expressed in his work. A long list of highly satisfied customers (corporate and private references are readily available) is proof of his skills and artistic eye towards aircraft. If you would like to learn more, or just need a bit of advise for an upcoming aircraft painting project, don't hesitate to contact Craig. He will gladly discuss your project and scheme choices with you, and will provide a free, no obligation quotation should you wish to use his services.

U.S. Paint

Wing Waxers
Wing Waxers is a very unique company. We are the only company, that we know of, opening aircraft detailing companies throughout the nation. We are not a franchiser and we are not selling franchises. We are a licenser that is selling the licensed privileges of owning and operating an aircraft detailing company under the name of Wing Waxers. This means that you will be the sole proprietor of your own company.